Sunday, May 1, 2011

I want to be a ram is what -,-

Hello, for a long time Im not updated blog. Sumpah miss kat blog ni. E? Okay break :') I know he regrets. I did not play her feelings. But he accused me right around his feelings. What is this? Thats why I'm too lazy to like this couple is turned.Damn! Now I enjoy cool when to study this? Hahaa mak aku tak habis nak membebel :p Blueekk! Exam bulan 5 ni wei. What was not ready. Haha do is stupid is not it? Tasa earlier rowdy with this stupid girl was still looking a fight But I do not dare to want to 'mencarut' you know no fear ye? You fool! Another times people want to see is the fight. I treat dizziness tu unlucky bitch. :D Well, Im not search boyprenn. Hahaa stoopid man. Damn! Okay fellas lets have a fun this night jyeaahh byebyeee :D  

Love, Aiynn Darel